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How to Make Money at Festivals...How to Sell at Street Fairs... 
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 You'll Learn How to Make Festival Attendees Flock to Your Booth 
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A Proven System to Increase Your Festival Sales. The majority of vendors at fairs and festivals barely break even. This reason for a profitless festival isn’t the products these vendors are selling but HOW they are selling them.






The heart of this book focuses on how to get people into your tent during the festival and get them to buy from you the day of the festival and all year long.





Rock Solid 100% Guarantee. In a nutshell, you’re guaranteed to increase your festival sales and put more money in your pocket every single event you attend or I’ll give you your money back.   

By following the strategies in this book I’ve increased my booth sales a staggering 57% after implementing the proven strategies during the festivals I attend. My book shows you how to do the same.






If after reading this one-of-a-kind book you are not 100% convinced you will increase your festival sales by following my step-by-step system, I’ll give you back 100% of the cost of book immediately. No questions asked.





A Valuable Bonus That Will Immediately Jumpstart Your Sales. I will include with your purchase a valuable quick start guide for your next show. This guide will provide you everything you need to hit the ground running and ready to implement what you learned in this book for your very next show.  




Dear Fellow Festival Vendors: 

My name is Andy LaPointe and I want to share a secret with you…

A ttendees want to spend money at the fairs and craft shows they attend.

They are on the lookout for that special product they can buy and return home and brag to their family and friends about what they bought.

You need to help these visitors find your booth and make your products so compelling they must buy from you.

In my book, I’ll show you how you can turn attendees into cash-wielding customers that will buy from you year-round. You see I have attended countless festivals as a vendor for the past several years. Some months I've attended up to five festivals. I have seen it all…

Learn How to Make Money Year Round

You see, my book gives you the strategies and techniques to “draw” people to your booth. Just like a magnet, you’ll be given proven ways to “pull” visitors into your tent and sell them your products. You’ll also learn proven techniques and tricks of the trade to maximize your selling area and how to have a powerful impact on your visitors so they will even thankful for giving you their money in exchange for your products.

You see the buying habits of festival attendees have changed dramatically over the past several years. People are searching for unique pieces of art and one-of-a-kind crafts at local fairs and festivals. They want to learn about the uniqueness of the product they are buying. They want to know the creative passion of the person who made this one-of-a-kind masterpiece they are buying.  

They are looking for that special something they can’t find at the store. They are looking not only for a great product, but the entire experience of attending a festival. They want the fun, the excite and personal connection with both the creator and the product.

I’ll be completely honest with you festival vendors have failed to keep up with these fast-paced consumer-driven changes. Many vendors are still using outdated strategies from days gone by. By using these proven methods, your products will be "flying off" your table quickly and easily.

To be successful and persuade visitors to purchase from your booth you need to follow new, proven and powerful ways to impact and influence the people that walk by your tent. You need to make your tent stand out from all of the other vendors and make it as friendly as the local, neighborhood store. That’s where Festival Profits comes in.

My book is a complete festival marketing system that has been proven the information in this book will make you more money as a vendor. Nobody else has ever written about these powerful strategies and techniques anywhere on the Internet or taught them in any seminar, until now. Once you finish reading my book, you'll have everything you need to know to explode your sales at your next event.

This Material is so Powerful, I was Invited to Speak at the Michigan Festivals and Events Annual Assocation Convention

Michigan Fairs and Festival Convention

The information in my book is so unique and powerful, I was invited to speak about the one-of-a-kind strategies at the Michigan Festival and Events Annual Association Convention in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Over 500 vendors and festival organizers attended the annual state-wide convention.

Here is a photo of me just prior to taking the stage and giving a 90 minute presentation on the material in Festival Profits.

Recently Interviewed in Michigan Public Radio

I was also interviewed on Michigan Public Radio to discuss how this information can help home-based chefs to sell thier products at street fairs and festivals. This interview aired in over 36 counties throughout the State of Michigan on the Michigan Public Radio network.

Customer Testimonial

All I can say is Wow!

"Andy has delivered a spot-on, easy to follow book jammed packed with valuable information that I’ll take to the bank. His information really hit home for me, and I’m integrating his information into my booth right now. I know that Andy’s hard work has helped me to earn an extra $250 per event. I know this book is an excellent short-cut to making money. "

John Brandon
Jackson, Michigan

Hand Made Fudge

Sale Price: $17.77

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So rather than take my word for it here is what other vendors have said about these strategies.

What Other Festival Vendors Have to Say
About the Techniques and Strategies in My Book

Customer Testimonial

Your course is great

"Festival Profits is the first course I've seen that teaches vendors how to make money at a street fair. I learned not only what to do but why I need to do it. Buy this course!"

Susan Buckley
Taylor, Michigan

Hand Knit Sweaters


Customer Testimonial

“So many vendors get caught up in making something that they forget they have to sell it to make money. Over the years I have met so many people selling great products but didn’t make any money. Now I have a resource that provides easy to read and easy to follow ways I can use at my next show.”

Tracie Clark
Columbus, OH

Homemade Jams and Jellies  

Video Testimonial from an Attendee at the Michigan Festival and Events Association Convention

Ross Champion
Mount Clemens, Michigan

You too could be using the information in this book and make staggering sales during the festival as well as all year long.

What Makes this Book Different Than Any Other Book You’ve Ever Seen?

My book provides a simple step-by-step guide to quickly and easily get people into you’re your tent, sell them your product and have them buy from you all year long.

Here are just a few of powerful strategies you’ll learn from this ground-breaking book.

  • The single most important money making secret is to attract people into your booth.

This is just one area of the book. You’ll learn the one secret that will open your eyes to an entirely new way and time-tested way to sell at fairs and festivals.

My book teaches proven techniques how to make your booth and products so irresistible, people will literally throw money at you. By using these strategies you will quickly grab someone's attention and draw them into your booth.

This one secret will kick your festival sales into high gear.   

  • Insider’s secrets to maximizing profits through proven festival tent layouts and product display secrets.

It’s probably no big surprise to you that the majority of vendors don't make money. You don’t want to fall into this trap. The reason for this profitless black hole is these vendors don't use proven booth layouts for their products. I'll show you four booth layouts that are proven winners - Page 16.  

And they are based on rock-solid consumer online buying evidence that will take the guess work out of making big profits from your booth.  

  • Three powerful techniques that will make your booth irresistible to customers and prospects.

Discover the three keys that will allow you to grab the eye balls of festival attendees up to 50 feet away and make them “bee line” directly to your booth. Once you follow these keys you will close more sales and keep them coming back again and again...

By following these three simple strategies you will be able to rely on consistent profits festival after festival. And you can implement these powerful secrets instantly without any hard work and with little or no cost to you. Page 26

  • Make sales year round from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn a simple and highly-effective ways sell your product year round. You probably already know making money at a festival is hard work. You have load up all of your products in your car, drive half-way across town, unpack and set everything up. All the while, you’re hoping is doesn’t rain and you have a good turn-out.

By following the simple steps in my book you’ll learn how to get the people who buy your products at the festival to buy year round and turn non-buyers into customers too. You'll learn these proven step-by-step methods on Page 29 

All of this and more will be explained in great detail in my book.

Want details? Here are the specific results I received when implemented the techniques in my booth.

By changing one simple thing in my booth I increased sales by a whopping 57%.

After adding implementing another simple technique at my booth, I was so busy I had to hire an assistance to attend shows with me. People are literally “three deep” in front of my booth for the majority of the festivals I attend.

That’s money I take to the bank after every festival and so can you.

By now you can see why I am so excited! 

As you think about what can really make your business more successful you begin to realize how powerful using the information in my book can be.

Yes, I can't wait to get Festival Profits

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Once you completely read the information in this book, you’ll be heavily armed with a powerful and new understanding of what is really takes to maximize your booth sales.

Act now to secure your discounted copy of this new and powerful way to make more money from each and every festival you attend.

If you want a proven way to secure more sales…a proven way to stop guessing about your success…a proven way to earn what you are worth…you owe it to yourself to get a copy of this book and take advantage of this 100% risk-free offer today.

Festival Profits will give you the cutting edge you need to stand head and shoulders above your competition and explode your festival sales.

Grab your copy of this book today before your competitors do…  

Festival Profits

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Andy LaPointe

Andy LaPointe


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